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Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season grass bluish-green in color, commonly known for its soft texture. It has a horizontal root system allowing it to be more aggressive than fescue for self-repairing areas of stress. Bluegrass has greater water requirements than fescue due to its shallower root system, but with an adequate amount of water, it is an excellent choice for lawns in the St Louis area.

Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue

Winning colors Turf Type Fescue is a cool season grass with a rich deep green color. It is similarly to bluegrass in appearance, but is known to be more shade tolerant and has less water requirements. Fescue has a more vertical root system than bluegrass, allowing it to survive easier in the heavy clay soils that are common in this area. Winning colors turf type fescue is the preferred grass for golf course green surrounds and roughs, in the St Louis area.

Meyers Zoysia

Our Meyers Zoysia is a warm season grass that thrives in the summer heat, but can also withstand the cold winters in the St. Louis region. It is known to be hearty, easy to maintain, very drought tolerant and often chosen for high traffic areas. It is commonly used for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, athletic fields and recreation areas.

Meyer Zoysia is the premium golf course fairway grass for the Midwest. We have installed hundreds of acres of Meyer Zoysia on fairways over the years, and continue to do more every year. However, with the warmer temperatures in recent years, Zoysia has become the choice of many homeowners for their lawns. Meyer Zoysia does have a few limitations, including the 70% sun requirement and the fact that it turns a beautiful hay color during the winter months.